Milena Høgsberg

Hilma af Klint- Artist, Researcher, Medium

May 2020 (Moderna Museet/Hatje Cantz)

The richly illustrated exhibition catalogue, accompanying the exhibition of the same name, brings together new perspectives on Hilma af Klint. Iris Müller-Westermann’s art historical overview of Hilma af Klint’s development as an artist, researcher and medium is complemented by Swedish scholar Hedvig Martin’s essay, which focuses on a close study of the early notebooks in which Hilma af Klint and her spiritual companions in the group De Fem recorded their meetings. In the conversation “Hilma af Klint, Theosophy, Higher Consciousness and the Unseen Universe,” curator Milena Høgsberg and Theosophy and Esotericism scholar Tim Rudbøg explore the influence of theosophical ideas on Hilma af Klint’s work in an era rich with the pursuit of spiritualism at the turn of the twentieth century. The catalogue also includes two voices from outside the field of art: physicist and scientific journalist, Ernst Peter Fischer, and spiritual teacher Anne Sophie Jørgensen, both of whom have spent their lives pondering the nature of energy from two different perspectives.